Relocate a home case studies

Relocating a Home: Case Studies

Relocating a house can be a quick and practical solution to finding a home, recycling an old beauty, or building on a steep block. Our house relocation case studies are where you can learn from people (like me!) who’ve actually

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Have you relocated a house? Do you relocate houses for a living?  I’d love to hear from you and learn about your experiences.  If you’re a professional, I’d welcome your contributions as well.  Contact me here to tell your story

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Relocate a house and add value

Relocating a House: How to Create Value

You might be wondering why I’m so enthusiastic about the possibilities of moving old houses, and installing manufactured ones. For someone like me, who’s intent on growing equity and profit through property, the answer is that moving houses, old and

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Want to relocate an existing house?

If you’ve ever considered relocating a house from one place to another, then this website is for you.

Through this website, I’ll show you how moving a whole house, either an old one or a brand new one can deliver fantastic financial or lifestyle outcomes that would be difficult to achieve by building in the standard way.

Does this sound like you?

Are you a renovator or a ‘can do’ home-maker who simply loves grand older houses with that special character that you just can’t buy?

Maybe you’re a property investor or developer taking a pragmatic approach, who can’t go past the idea of saving money and time by reusing a house.

You may even be someone with a steep block of land facing the challenge of building a new home cost-effectively or trying to build in a time when there is a shortage of builders.

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What about adding a manufactured house?

Here's a manufactured house we moved to a block we sub-divided.

Manufactured house move
Manufactured house on site after move

Whatever your situation, if you’re an adventurer not afraid of a less conventional approach, then putting a house on a truck - either an old one or a factory-built one - might just be the answer for you!

This website will help you navigate all the issues you need to take into account right from the start – like what to consider when selecting your block of land.

Relocating a house needs a bit more planning than building a standard house. Things like access, trees, block size and shape, bushfire and flood ratings, slope, and more.

Then you need to find a house for relocation.

Finding the right older house requires patience. Buying a new manufactured house requires exploration. Both require due-diligence.

The case studies I share will help you uncover different ways to find houses, such as working with companies that find, keep or build houses that can be moved. There are also more specialised ways, if you are prepared to put in a bit more legwork.

You may only have thought of moving an old house, and this website will certainly help you learn about finding and recycling old beauties.

However, I will also help you discover that a manufactured home can be a cost-effective solution for problems associated with building in less accessible areas, on steep blocks, or in quick time. Like many people, you may have thought of modular homes as ugly boxes, but I will also show you the beautiful and cost-effective outcomes you can achieve using a factory-built home.

If you’re thinking of following the path less traveled and relocating over traditional building, this website will help you understand the costs of relocating a house, as well as what’s involved in getting planning permission from your local council.

Moving a house, whether a grand old dame from ages past, or a sparkling new factory-built home, comes at a cost and I will share with you what I’ve learned including how to deal with the banks.

Finally, I will share with you tips for renovating cost-effectively, or using restoration to revive a beautiful character home. I sincerely hope that by exploring this site, you can find the answers to your questions and the inspiration to make your own dream to relocate a house come true.

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