Create a Vision for your House Relocation

When I was at the beginning of my property journey, I read property magazines voraciously. I stoked my dreams as often as I could by reading anything I could about property investment.  Case studies were my favourite thing; stories about normal people doing extraordinary things. I’d put myself in their shoes, not knowing how I would get there, but confident that if I was active enough, if I took enough educated risks, I would succeed. In 2003, I read an article about a couple who moved old houses onto vacant blocks in towns that were experiencing a boom. The idea of taking something old and therefore available at good price, moving it to a place where there was a lot of demand and doing it up seemed like a great idea to me.

It started me on an intermittent search for information. I read anything I could about moving houses – articles in property magazines, blogs, and even tracked down a book by an enthusiastic Kiwi who had done it repeatedly (like Aussies, Kiwis have been doing it for years). I’d search YouTube for videos of it being done (rare to find anything Australian) and watch episodes of home shows that featured it happening, over and over again. I made a lists of house movers for future use. All when I wasn’t even close to having any land to move a house onto!

Then things started to happen. The time came when I had enough money and I could consider moving a house. I looked for blocks that might be suitable for two dwellings. When I found one, I started to call the house movers I had found long ago and ask them questions. The time they took and patience they had in explaining the process to me was invaluable. However, still for a long time the right opportunity eluded me.

Funny how things happen. It’s like all those books I love, called things like ‘The Secret’ or ‘The Answer’ (that my husband makes endless fun of) … they tell you to hold your dreams and stoke them consistently with bits and pieces of information, and they will happen. The very act of cosseting your dreams means a circumstance will present itself when you can put them into action.