Moving a house – Part 5: The ugly house is renovated

From this… house move Day 1.

Relocated house on day 1

To this…. renovated by Day 60.

When the excitement of moving a house wore off, what was left was the renovation ahead. Our partners weren’t really in a hurry to renovate but even so, I’m sure there were times when it seemed to take an age.

The house’s old dining and living were typical of its age. Closed in. The walls were removed and the rooms opened up. 

The bathroom and separate toilet were in terrible condition. Both were renovated and a new ensuite was created taking some space from another bedroom. It was exciting to see.

New dining area after walls were removed and the area was renovated
Kitchen Before

I love the process of transforming spaces – although I must say I like it to happen quickly!

We had terrific fun helping on some weekends. We installed kitchen cabinets, planted trees and painted.

The result was a total transformation and a success for our partners. And by the time we finished, there was no issue with having a champagne at the property. It was just lovely, and ready to become home to a lucky tenant.

Kitchen After – Glorious!

Many hands make light work

Our daughter’s childhood has been marked by a number of house projects. She used to be much more easy-going about it than she is now. As I write this, she’s still a child. If I ask her whether she wants to come for a drive with me on the weekend nowadays, she is likely to look at me suspiciously and say ‘what for mum? We’re not going to look at houses are we?’

As our partners finished up, and the new tenant moved into the house, I couldn’t have been happier. Our partners had helped me live one of my dreams – of moving a house. I was now preparing for the next part of the adventure. I could hardly sleep with excitement. Not content with moving an old house, I had ordered a manufactured house which would arrive in four pieces on the back of a truck just a month or two later.